Cover Photo: Illustration by Ellen Weinstein for Catapult
Illustration by Ellen Weinstein for Catapult

Sky Held Up by a Thousand Minarets

On this train ride back to his beginnings, Shettima’s mind overtook the train to another river in his memory, a river long and meandering as his days.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhir raj’un: From Allah we come and to him we shall return




insha AllahWhat Ado did not have to say was the other reason he was calling: It was time now for Shettima to come home.





Gwobe de nisa

Gaishe ka,insha Allah




The lights in Tofa flickered and went out. It had stopped raining. It crept into Shettima’s mind now how quiet it was and how dark, how cold he was and how strange it was that he’d been walking in water up to his knees. The cow mooed again, and Shettima placed it, to his left, a white mass against the dark, keeping pace with him. He stopped and turned; the cow stopped, too. They regarded each other.

Kenechi Uzor is a Nigerian writer and editor. He lives in Utah where he is finishing up a second degree in creative writing. He is on Twitter as @kenechiuzor.