Cover Photo: Illustration by Brian Rea for Catapult
Illustration by Brian Rea for Catapult

Parting the Sea, and Why the White Cane is a Symbol of Power, Not Helplessness

I felt that whipping out the white cane would irrevocably launch me into the kingdom of the blind, and, for many years, I did not want to go there.


The Most Dangerous Book


Photograph by Cathryn Lynne, courtesy of author

A Sense of the World,


Photograph by Alabaster Rhumb, courtesy of author


Frontiers of Justice

M. Leona Godin is a writer, actor, and educator who is blind. She received her PhD in English Literature from NYU. Her work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Playboy, FLAPPERHOUSE, and Quail Bell Magazine. She serves on the editorial review board of Newtown Literary and is the founding editor of Aromatica Poetica.