Cover Photo: photo by Gloria Glitzer/flickr
photo by Gloria Glitzer/flickr

Blank Books and Letting the Ink Dry

“What ideas burn so brightly that they should besmirch generous, bare pages?”

In early June, I was meandering through a cobbled side street in Rome swollen with fellow tourists and the feverish afternoon heat. Traveling with my husband and another globetrotting companion, I was grateful when the latter suggested slipping into Il Papiro for a few moments’ respite. “You’ll like it,” my friend told me. “They’re famous for their beautiful journals and stationery.”


Tristram Shandy.


Rachel Vorona Cote is a writer living in Washington, D.C.  She has written for many venues, including the New Republic, Rolling Stone,, Literary Hub, and was previously a contributor at Jezebel. Her first book, Too Much Is Just Enough, is forthcoming from Grand Central Publishing. Find her on Twitter here: @RVoronaCote