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learning how to explore existence and write and stuff. always curious. blog @ http://t.co/jkJ4uKCRZ2


Cover Photo: The Guddenov by mike scallan
The Guddenov

A post-apocolyptic love story: Adam and Eve retold.

Aug 03, 2017
Cover Photo: The Coolgaardie Gallahs by mike scallan
The Coolgaardie Gallahs

we don't like honest, we like to think we're better than we are.

May 20, 2016
Cover Photo: Learning not to fly by mike scallan
Learning not to fly

The desire to fly is the breath of weariness

Sep 18, 2015
Cover Photo: Don Coyote's dog by mike scallan
Don Coyote's dog

Freedom Sancho, is the ability to hope for something better ... no it’s not. That is habit.

Sep 17, 2015