Cover Photo: When the World Keeps Spinning by Lauren Suval

When the World Keeps Spinning

It’s funny how my world stopped turning at that red light;

the red light that would bring me to your house with one left turn.

I once parked the car by your front yard,

in a moment of goodbye

You were already long gone.

It’s funny how certain street names

hung heavy with meaning.

Now, if I drive past your block,

and I recall those streets,

I’m just driving,

and they are just words.

Lauren Suval studied print journalism and psychology at Hofstra University, and she is a writer based in New York. Her work has been featured on Psych Central, Thought Catalog, Catapult Community, and other online publications. Lauren's e-book “Coping With Life’s Clutter” and her latest book, “The Art Of Nostalgia,” a collection of personal essays, can both be found on Amazon. She loves to be followed on Twitter @LaurenSuval and on Facebook @LaurenSuvalWriting.