Cover Photo: the thorns of rosslyn by Srishti  Dutta Chowdhury

the thorns of rosslyn

there is the hope that the wind will hold. on the bus, stiff necks craning, oranged windows framing the sky. thick pigeons squat unceremoniously, my legs numb from the climb.

a brokenhut in chrome, this is the picture to send back. falling in line, i pay a first world amount for a third world desire. a wrinkle on the face of this sky, the sudden rush of clouds. ashen hill fades further to the right, a cocktail of memories, fond and stark, the line drawings of a country chapel that pretend to be austere. a kind new to these old eyes. i dreamt of this chapel as a child in convent, i imagined the pinings one must feel in the heart for oppressive brick forms.

inside this ruddy, this flesh-eating odour of august, a sermon takes the violent shape of deliverance. a garden of thorns distemper the taste of chaste. i rest myself against the outrage of no magic as a shape takes the form of a rabbit amidst the green.

we don't write about the

heat. we cast our nets for

bigger fish, spend the night under the leaking hide of

a giant turtle. we feel it stir.

Genres and narrative devices are currently gagging my content. I am either too greedy or simply in love with non sequitur-s. I write to navigate, eat to become & translate to move through the fabric of languages. Hair is redundant & don't call me on the phone I say. The Charles Wallace Scholar at the University of Edinburgh for Poetry, 2016 and a Masters student of Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University, the Galway Review, Visual Verse, SickLit Magazine, Seafoam, EPW, TFQM, Coldnoon, Muse India, Bangalore Review, AntiSerious, Quail Bell, Kindle, etc. have given place to my madness.