Cover Photo: Nobody Can Love You Like You Can

 by Anne Davis

Nobody Can Love You Like You Can

love thyself <3!

I had been in three consecutive relationships and was feeling exhausted. Emotionally, I felt like I had nothing left to give and physically, I felt like someone was beating me up as I slept or intentionally torturing me throughout the day. I loved each of these people and tried my very best to be a partner that they could desire, rely on, and be with forever. I gave everything I had, went above and beyond, and for some reason, things still didn’t work out.

Anne is a copywriter and blogger from the deep south! She grew up taking vacations to the Gulf of Mexico and the lakes of Georgia before growing up, leaving her hometown for college, and studying aboard in Madrid, Spain! Jane majored in English and start working in journalism and copywriting just after college since 2005!