Cover Photo: 9/14/19 | Okay by Kurt Daniel

9/14/19 | Okay

Patiently waiting

On the time when I no longer worry

About you.

I know I need to let go

Of any feelings

To make room for the new ones.

Dedicated to someone else

That will love me better

And love me harder.

A new day

With new opportunities

Provides me with enough clarity

To realize that

I am okay.

I am moving forward

In this life with my head held high

And my heart open

For all the new experiences

I was never able to experience

At the hands of you

And these false pretenses.

Do not be upset that I changed

Be upset that you remained the same.

This change and the next

Was really me becoming everything

I was destined to become.

I patiently waited

For the love I never gave myself

But now possess.

I am okay.