Cover Photo: 4/30/19 | Still by Kurt Daniel

4/30/19 | Still

Despite all the sunshine

There is rain in the softness of your touch

And whisper in your voice.

If all this time is wasted

On the false promises

I make up in my head,

How many more times do I need to justify

The inevitable heartbreak

For a temporary high?

All the warnings I tell myself

Don’t seem to compare

To the feeling I get when your hands

Hold the very insecurities

I’m afraid to share with anyone.

I shouldn’t take these sorts of things as seriously as I do

But I can’t help the voices

In my head

That prevent me from experiencing

The short-lived romance

Of a fleeting encounter

That only lasts mere minutes.

I’d rather spend my time investing in the intricacies

Of you

And allowing those moments to build

Into the trust and attention

You deserve.

All this time

You’ve been the one warning me

But I think you have it backwards.

You are the one that should be weary around

The brokenness of my being

The stifled tears I shed at night

And the distrust I have for everyone

Including myself.

In a corner of my mind

Rests a chair

For you to sit and take a break

To remain


And perhaps then will you hear the faint cry

I release.

You can stay there

For as long as you like

Because even if it isn’t forever,

The company is nice for now.