Cover Photo: 12/9/18 | Beauty  by Kurt Daniel

12/9/18 | Beauty

Life was always a finite process.

You are alive

 And then you are dead.

And the memories in-between encompass all the years

Of believing life was infinite.

The feeling of being limitless

With momentary lucidity

To remind us that we are human

And to remind us that this infinite time is not as it would appear.

There are so many questions I still have

That I don’t know the answers to

And I want to find those answers desperately

Yet I don’t know if I will ever find them.

I found the answers that I didn’t seek out

And as a result of that, the path I’m on is a little different than where I started

Your path is a little different now, too.

It’s a challenging one

It’s a scary one

It’s a dark one

But there is light around you and you don’t have to look hard to see it

It’s in her smile

It’s in his touch

It’s in all the times she says that she loves you

The fear I once possessed takes on a different form now

And I’m sure you are scared, too

We are all scared

But this is how life goes

It forces us to think of all of those memories we made during all those years

And feel them a little harder

To think of them a little more fondly

And to cherish the memories that are still bound to happen.

Because there will still be memories

And they will be filled with love

And laughter

And kindness

Just like the ones before

Releasing all the fear and embracing the light around you

Is one of the easiest things to do

Amidst this darkness.

This life, in all its beauty

And all its sadness

Reminds us that each day wasn’t taken for granted

And each breath was cherished.

So, remember this life for the beauty it was, it is, and what it will be

Because that beauty will always be infinite.