Cover Photo: 10/7/19 | Three by Kurt Daniel

10/7/19 | Three

I’m three years old today.

Three years wiser

Than the twenty-three before.

Three years happier

And healthier

Both mentally and physically.

There is power in knowing who you are

And being able to admit it.

I am three years old today.

I’m young in so many ways

And yet old in so many others.

I used to be scared

But I’m not anymore.

I’m picture perfect

In the eyes of my former self.

The one that used to dream about a day

When he wouldn’t cry so much

Because the other kids were mean to him

And used to call him names.

Instead, he’d laugh and smile

Because he was surrounded by love.

I am three years old today.

Three years since I told myself to stop being scared

And instead, be brave.

For all the voices lost

And all the future ones soon to be lost.

I wish I could go back in time and speak to the little boy

I see in old photographs.

The one who was so happy and innocent

The one who had no idea

That in time, there would be a moment

When he would look in the mirror and realize

He was perfect

Amidst the imperfections.

I’d hug that little boy and tell him there are parts of him

He will learn to love in time.

I’d tell him there are parts he might not understand now

But will later.

I’d tell him to hold on to his beauty and whim.

I’d tell him to love

In all the ways God intended.

I am three years old today.

And for now,

That’s enough.