Cover Photo: 10/31/19 | Scream by Kurt Daniel

10/31/19 | Scream


So loudly

So desperately

Do you hear me?

I drift off back into the walls

That watch you move

So effortlessly 

Away from me.

Maybe if I die a little bit more

You’ll feel this pain too,

And realize

Just how much it is eating me alive.

Day by day

Second by second

The hunger intensifies

The more you drift away.

My tears feel like acid

Amidst my cool skin.

It is the constant

Burning reminder

That I am here

And you are there.

Do these aches in my bones

Mean anything to you?

I’ll be your shadow


And forever.



Hoping that maybe someday

You will say something

To make my cold, dead heart

Feel alive again.

Until then,

I’ll seep back into these walls

That know all your secrets

And truths.

Because even in this constant


There is comfort

In my newfound