Cover Photo: 1/12/19 | Looking by Kurt Daniel

1/12/19 | Looking

The sunlight cascades across the wrinkled bedsheet.  It lays over you, with every line formed to your body keeping you warm.  Another night and another morning all spent the same way.  A sense of protection overcomes me as I wake up to realize I am in your arms.  This kind of warmth is something not even the four layers of blankets over me could produce, no, this is something more internal.

I ever-so carefully manage to sneak out of your loving grip and turn myself over.  Facing you I intently gaze as you continue to take each breath.  You look so peaceful right now.  There is a subtle smile across your face.  I wonder what you are dreaming about.  Is it me?  Is it us?Is it about the tender moments we shared just hours ago?Whatever it may be, it places me in a trance.

Several minutes pass by, but it feels like hours.  Time stands still in moments like this.Albeit the moments are far and few between.I gently caress my hand over your face, feeling every sharp turn.“You are a work of art,” I mutter to myself.As cautious as I tread, you can’t help but feel my breath over your face and you slowly wake up.Your smile becomes overwhelming.

“Good morning,” I whisper.

“Good morning,” you reply.I can feel the fatigue in your voice.

“How was your sleep?” I ask.

“It was good thanks to you,” you reply.“What were you just doing?” you ask.

I am flooded with what feels like thousands of questions racing through my mind when I hear you ask me that question.Because although I might know the obvious answer, there is more to it than that.I pause for a minute.  And as I take a deep breath in, I blurt out the very first thing I thought of when you asked me that question.

“I’m just looking at you."