Tara Isabella Burton

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Tara Isabella Burton is the author of the novel SOCIAL CREATURE (Doubleday, 2018) and the forthcoming nonfiction STRANGE RITES: NEW RELIGIONS FOR A GODLESS AGE (Public Affairs, 2020)


Cover Photo: A woman prays before an altar inside of a chapel.
I Spent Years Searching for Magic—I Found God Instead

I wanted to outrun the Nothing. And there was nothing I would not have sacrificed—friendships, relationships, the blood from the heel of my foot—to get it.

Cover Photo: Scene from "Fleabag"; Two Brothers Pictures, BBC Three, Amazon Studios
The Gospel According to Fleabag

The truth was, for me and as for Fleabag, I wasn’t just looking for a good story to tell my friends. I was looking for something so much harder to grasp: a narrative.

Cover Photo: Peter Gersten
The Vortex Jumper of Sedona, Arizona

Peter Gersten plans the next level of his “holographic reality program.”