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Paul Benjamin Osterlund is a freelance journalist and writer based in Istanbul, Turkey. You can follow him on Twitter at @Paul_Osterlund


Cover Photo: Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Considering My Debt to Istanbul in the Wake of the Elections

“Today’s Turkey is a place where about half of the population is utterly dismayed by the state of affairs, while the other half couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Jul 18, 2018
Cover Photo: St Stev/flickr
A Resilient Istanbul Nightlife Despite Sobering Liquor Taxes

An inverse relationship between the price of a drink and Turkey’s stability.

Jun 14, 2018
Cover Photo: Old and New Turkey Square Off by Paul Osterlund
Old and New Turkey Square Off

“Turkey remains a country too complex and rich to split into tired binaries of east/west, secular/religious, and Old/New.”

May 03, 2018
Cover Photo: Guillén Pérez/flickr
Altering the Face of Istanbul’s Aesthetic Beauty

The state and the private sector foist unsightliness on an otherwise gorgeous Istanbul.

Mar 28, 2018
Cover Photo: Bağcılar's main pedestrian walkway. Photos provided by the author.
The Modern Reality of Istanbul’s Urban Chaos

Istanbul is a labyrinth of apartment blocks with limited green space for millions of its residents.

Feb 27, 2018
Cover Photo: Ozan Safak/unsplash
Ghosts and The City

“Gentrification and excessive development are major realities in major global cities, but in Istanbul, they’re on steroids.”

Jan 25, 2018
Cover Photo: Wikipedia
Flexibility and Frustration: Navigating Life Through Istanbul

“As Turkey becomes an increasingly difficult place to live, many friends and peers have become perplexed by my determination to stay here.”

Oct 12, 2017
Cover Photo: Hell on the Mediterranean: Two Nights in Turkey’s Most Luxurious Hotel  by Paul Osterlund
Hell on the Mediterranean: Two Nights in Turkey’s Most Luxurious Hotel

“Slathered with excess and sparing no luxury, a bleak, depressing vibe permeates the Mardan Palace hotel.”

Jun 20, 2017