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Kate Gavino is the creator of the blog and book, Last Night's Reading. Her work has been featured in Buzzfeed, The Guardian, O Magazine, Rookie, the Paris Review Daily, and Brooklyn Magazine.


Cover Photo: My Parents’ Cemetery Selfies by Kate Gavino
My Parents’ Cemetery Selfies

“It’s jarring to scroll through and see a cemetery selfie.”

Sep 13, 2016
Cover Photo: Mom’s Food Pictures by Kate Gavino
Mom’s Food Pictures

“She hasn’t met a plate of enchiladas she won’t photograph.”

Aug 23, 2016
Cover Photo: Dad’s Selfies by Kate Gavino
Dad’s Selfies

“My dad has turned the lens on himself.”

Jul 28, 2016
Cover Photo: Kate Gavino
A Band Named Hotdog

“Hotdog’s goofy lyrics were a mainstay of my childhood.”

Apr 06, 2016
Cover Photo: Kate Gavino
The Jeff Goldblum Scale of Anxiety

I learn to be happy with what I have.

Jan 12, 2016