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May 26, 2022
Cover Photo: trying with not a drafted post by Colin Drohan
trying with not a drafted post

this is published

May 26, 2022

Celebrating one year of Catapult Artists

Cover Photo: Photograph courtesy of Brian Rea
On Art, Audience, and Activism: Brian Rea, Catapult’s October Artist
“If I see the sun come up once in a while, it makes me feel good, like I accomplished something no one else did.”
Oct 25, 2018
Cover Photo: Photograph courtesy of Hanna Barczyk
“There is No Other Way to Be”: Hanna Barczyk, Catapult Artist for December
“Conveying emotions, narratives, stories. This, I believe, is at the core of all art.”
Dec 20, 2018
Cover Photo: Photograph courtesy of Sirin Thada
Stirring Ideas to Life: Sirin Thada, Catapult Artist for May
By leaving her job as a lawyer and taking a leap of faith to become a full-time illustrator, Sirin Thada says, “I was finally honoring a part of me that had been there all along.”
May 31, 2019

From our columnists

Cover Photo: Photograph by David Robert Bilwas/Flickr
A Eulogy for All the Black Boys Who Loved the Sky
I’m longing for the day when folk like me and Trayvon and Korryn and Lennon and Aiyana and Botham don’t need to be lucky to stay alive.
Jul 11, 2019