Cover Photo: A screencap of Charmed, where the three Halliwell sisters are standing together in fear, one about to use her powers, sending a surge of light toward her hand.
How Rewatching ‘Charmed’ Helped Me Separate Magic From Mania

When palm trees swing in the soft breeze, I remind myself that my body is not an orchestra, and the trees are not dancing for me.

Oct 31, 2019
Cover Photo: photo of Catapult creative director Nicole Caputo working at her desk, with laptop, designs, and book covers
“It’s a great honor to lay eyes on a writer’s work and help give it a visual identity”: Nicole Caputo on Art, Design, and the First Year of the Catapult Artist Program

“Because Catapult is multifaceted, because our content spans so many subjects, it seemed the Catapult Artist program would really be an extension of what the magazine was already doing.”

Oct 31, 2019
Cover Photo: Catapult October artist, Hannah Lock, sitting at her desk
“Self-belief gets you quite far as an illustrator”: Hannah Lock, Catapult Artist for October

“Refrain yourself from throwing things away. Even if you think you’re going nowhere with what you’re creating.”

Oct 30, 2019

Celebrating one year of Catapult Artists

Cover Photo: A collage of photos of the author smiling in a beekeeper suit with hundreds of live bees in her open palms
What I Learned from the Master Beekeeper
He prefaces all his beekeeping sessions with a proposal to examine hives without gloves. It teaches a beekeeper to be more gentle. It’s easier to be gentle without gloves.
Oct 29, 2019
Cover Photo: An illustration of a young man watching a film in the movie theater; the screen is framed by rainbow curtains; projected onto the screen is a still from the Tom Hanks film 'The Burbs
When You Hate the Movie Your Lover Loves: On Tom Hanks in ‘The ’Burbs’
It’s easy to think—as Ray does in ‘The ’Burbs’—that you can know a lot about a person from what they value.
Oct 28, 2019
Cover Photo: photo from the Himalayas
Mountains, Monasteries, and Myths: What I Discovered While Living in My Darjeeling Family Home
After a youth spent trying to ignore my Asian heritage, I came looking for it. My journey turned out to be the beginning of an excavation that continues to this day.
Oct 28, 2019
Cover Photo: Color pencil drawing of a little girl getting her face painted at a party by a face painter and looking into a mirror, scared of her reflection and crying.
Year of the Pony
I can’t stop seeing the brush in her hand as a scalpel, her countless bracelets jangling as she prepares to make the next cut.
Oct 25, 2019
Cover Photo: illustration of hand, game die and tokens from the fictional game featured in this story; tokens include an eagle, Appaloosa horses, a cowboy hat, diggin' stick, and moccasin
wIndin!—the exhilarating game of kinship, chance & economic redistribution
The winner must avoid having part or all of his or her assets taken into trust by the federal government.
Oct 22, 2019
Cover Photo: This colored-pencil illustration shows the silhouettes of a mother and daughter as they look up at a dark starry sky being crossed by a orange, red, and yellow comet, like a fiery gash
Talking to Your Kids About Astronomical Phenomena
My daughter was fearless about the near-earth object. “It’s just ice and sky dust,” she told me when I asked if she felt afraid.
Oct 17, 2019